Anderson M.

I am in the first grade and am 11 years old. Sadly, my mother and father were both killed during the January 2010 earthquake. I was left all alone on the streets until the police found me. I have suffered from typhoid fever several times which has profoundly affected me both physically and mentally. The Social Services department brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage in February 2013 and I have been slowly improving ever since. For the first time in my life, I do not have to beg in order to survive.


I am 12 years old. One day, my mother took me to a voodoo priest for satanic worship.  I was very upset about this, so I ran away from her. I decided I would rather be on the streets alone than be involved with her demonic influences. One day, the authorities found me and they brought me to the police station. Eventually, they took me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage. I am happy to be here where I receive the word of God, pray twice daily with the other children, and go to school every day.




I am 10 years old.  I ran away from home because of physical abuse inflicted by my mother. In June of last year, I came to the orphanage. The authorities found me after I had been surviving on the streets for over three years. Before coming to the Good Shepherd Orphanage, I had been placed in three different orphanages. I am thankful for my new family and hope the orphanage will be a good fit for me. 


I am a 4th grade student and love to study. Sadly, I lost my mother in a car accident and my father during the earthquake.  My aunt took me in, but she subjected me to much physical and verbal abuse.  I ran away from her house and took refuge on the streets. Shortly after, government officials took me to several orphanages, but I did not like the abuse that I received at those places.  Finally, they brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage, where I feel welcome and well cared for. 




My name is Emmanuel and I am nine years old.  My parents gave me to my uncle to be cared for because they were unable to take care of me.  My uncle did not send me to school and abused me physically.  I ran away from my uncle's house and found myself on the streets. The authorities took me to an orphanage where I was also abused physically.  After running away from this orphanage, social services found me and brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage. I am finally pleased with the way that I am being cared for. Now, I am attending school for the first time in my life. I am very eager to learn the ways of life at the orphanage. I am very thankful to be a member of this family.

Eugene E.

 I was brought to the orphanage by a government official after personally speaking with the Haitian president during a gathering in the northern part of the country. I told the president that I wanted to go to his house to live because I am an orphan.  The president took me with him and brought me to the Haitian Social Services in order to find a safe home for me.  In December 2013, I came to the Good Shepherd Orphanage and have been happy ever since. I am a very outgoing boy and have a passion for studying. Please pray that I will continue to know the love of the Lord so that I can become the man God desires me to be.



Jean W.

I am seven years-old. I lost both my parents and had no choice but to live on the streets.  I was found by a woman who took me to the Dominican frontier before finally giving me to the authorities. They brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage in March 2013. I had never been to school before.  Now, I am a first grade student and am doing well.


My uncle brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage in August 2013 after my parents decided that they would not be able to take care of me. Unfortunately, my uncle lacked the financial means to reliably care for me. Now, I am well taken care of at the Good Shepherd Orphanage and am attending school for the first time.  I am content and well-adjusted here.




I am a six year-old boy. The police found me in the street after I lost my way back home. Last May, government officials brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage. I am in kindergarten now, and am adjusting well to my new home and family at the orphanage.


I lived with my stepmother for several years.  One day, she sent me to the store alone to buy something for her. Unfortunately, I did not know my way back home and I became lost.  As I was trying to survive on my own on the streets, the police found me and kept me for a while to see if my stepmother would come searching for me. After many months in their custody, the Haitian Social Services brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage. As you can see, I am a happy boy now thanks to God and the people at the orphanage who are taking good care of me. I go to school every day like all the other children. Now, I have a future and hope.




I was given to my godmother because my mother could not take care of me. Unfortunately, my godmother kept abusing me physically until I decided to run away from her. Afterwards, I found myself living with an uncle who also abused me.  Finally, I decided to live on the streets where no one could find me.

The police found me and took me to the station where I stayed for a long time until they brought me to the Good Shepherd Orphanage. At first, I had a hard time responding to love and touch because of my past experiences. With much patience and prayer, I was able to come to a place where I can accept being loved. Now, I feel secure and content.  I smile often and play with the other children. Please pray that I will be transformed into a giver of love and life to all those that I come in contact with.