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Eglise La Saintete (The Holiness Church) was founded by Pastor Cassy at The Good Shepherd Orphanage. A few years later the church moved down the street to its current location, next to the main school. Some members of the church are very involved in The Good Shepherd Orphanage and other local ministries, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community which is the church’s primary mission. The Holiness Church consists of 150 members and partners with two sister churches that operate in rural communities, sharing our vision of building the kingdom of Heaven throughout the country of Haiti.
The church is very involved in evangelism and community service, visiting hospitals and helping widows pay for rent, food, and supplies.  The children from the orphanage participate in the church choir and attend the youth group. Each week they invite more children from the neighborhood to come to the worship service.
We are blessed to have Pastor Beauvoir as senior pastor. He is a solid man of prayer and well anchored in traditional biblical principles. He is excellent at maintaining unity in the body. Saint Juste, the director of The Good Shepherd Orphanage, helps with teaching a Bible study on Tuesday evenings and occasionally teaches on Sunday mornings. Sister Mona and Pastor Raphael Robert are also part of the church leadership.
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