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Currently, The Good Shepherd Orphanage is home to 35 children in Carrefour, ranging in age from 6 to 20 years old. The orphanage strives to provide them with a clean and safe environment where they no longer have to worry about food and shelter.
Many children at the orphanage came from the streets of Port-au-Prince, where they scavenged for whatever food they could find, sometimes even stealing to survive. When children reach the young-adult phase, the focus at the orphanage begins to shift toward helping young people transition into living on their own. Chores are assigned to the older children to train them for leadership. They are required to do their school homework daily and to study assigned material under the supervision of a tutor. Children ages 12 and older are also required to participate in taking care of and serving the younger ones. These students are also instrumental in the community outreach and feeding programs.
The orphanage compound provides a vivid environment where the children can grow physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Amenities include a playground, a basketball court, and plenty of space for the children to play and grow. The orphanage also grows some vegetables, plantains, corn, and beans as a way to provide fresh and nutritious food to our children.
Life at The Good Shepherd Orphanage gravitates around Jesus. The children attend devotions three times a day. Every evening they memorize scriptures and study the Bible together. As an effort to seek God together, everyone at the orphanage, including staff members, participates in a fast held on Tuesdays. Our TGSO staff is doing a great job caring for the children and teaching them how to love God and serve others.
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