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Feeding Program
For nearly forty years, the children from the neighborhood of the Orphanage have been looking to The Good Shepherd Orphanage for food, a safe place to play, and an escape from the chaos that exists outside the orphanage’s walls. A daily average of 70 children and teenagers from the neighborhood come to the orphanage from Monday through Friday for a hot meal. They also receive much love,  attention and care from our staff aided by some of our older orphanage teenagers. For most of them, this is their only meal for the day.
Armed with their spoons, some of them wait outside our gate for up to one hour before opening time. This program is vital in the lives of these little ones because of the famine that prevails in Haiti. Knowing that man shall not live by bread alone, we also take this opportunity very seriously to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. We also let them use the playground for up to one hour before they eat.
Children of Light Club
There have been a select group of neighborhood children who have grown very close to us at TGSO. Most of them have become Christians through the feeding program. We call them the Children of Light.  In order to disciple them and help them grow in their faith we invite them to come on Saturday mornings for a time of worship and bible study. It has been a privilege to see God’s work of transformation in their lives. We have seen a lot of them grow in stature and in their knowledge of God. Those children also come have breakfast with us Sunday mornings before riding to church with us.
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